QSR Brand Beats Benchmarks With TikTok Alpha

Discover how Einstein Bros. Bagels exceeded industry performance metrics through an exclusive invitation to a TikTok alpha program.

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    The Situation

    Goodway works with the national fast-food restaurant chain Einstein Bros. Bagels. This brand wished to amplify its TikTok campaigns to further reach new customers. Einstein Bros. Bagels was hoping to use creative assets native to this platform and wanted to leverage influencer marketing to appeal to its target audiences. The QSR company also aimed to develop a variety of compelling ads so it could refresh its content every few weeks during their marketing campaigns — a necessity since success on this platform requires not only native content, but more content, more often because creative fatigues faster on TikTok.

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    The Alpha Program

    With Goodway being a TikTok agency partner, Einstein Bros. Bagels received an exclusive invitation to join the groundbreaking TikTok Creative Challenge alpha program. This unique opportunity was initially limited to a set number of companies within Einstein Bros. Bagels’ brand category. The Creative Challenge is an open-call platform for brands to submit a creative brief and for creators to then shoot content for submission and approval. Moreover, TikTok helps with brief review, creator selection and content review. This alpha program provides brands with authentic, high-performance video ads at scale with TikTok creator-generated content.

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    The Campaigns

    Einstein Bros. Bagels jumped at the chance to participate in this alpha program for its specific campaigns. Then, Goodway launched a lower-funnel conversion campaign for Einstein Bros. Bagels focused on completed registrations. The flight ran from September through November. Through the alpha program, TikTok created 10 – 30 unique assets each week for Einstein Bros. Bagels and paid the creators. Goodway tested the program for this brand and facilitated feedback and edits, working collaboratively with all parties involved.

  • We were excited to take part in this unique opportunity that wouldn’t have been possible without Goodway’s relationship with TikTok and proven expertise in TikTok creative programs. We not only met our conversion goals, but outperformed them.

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    Hector Briones, Chief Marketing OfficerEinstein Bros. Bagels


    The total volume of creator assets produced at scale by the alpha program was unparalleled compared to other TikTok creator options. Using creator content helped this QSR brand beat industry benchmarks and improve brand performance on TikTok — especially with the volume of content gained from the program. The Creative Challenge brought in a 21% lower-than-average CPA compared to other brands in their industry. And the 77% higher 6-second VTR demonstrated that audiences were more interested in Einstein Bros. Bagels’ ads than other competitors in their space, leading to more down-funnel actions such as loyalty signups.

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    higher 6-second VTR than the QSR industry benchmark

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    increase in signups per week when compared to the prior period, where TikTok was not running

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