Driving Lower-Funnel TikTok Results

Goodway’s TikTok campaign restructure and optimizations led to a 57% increase in conversions quarter over quarter (QoQ) for the QSR brand Honey Dew.

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    Goodway, in partnership with Mediaworks, identified an opportunity to enhance TikTok conversions for our mutual client, Honey Dew — one of New England’s largest donut and coffee shop chains — through optimizations and a comprehensive campaign restructure. In late 2022, TikTok was a fresh tactic for Honey Dew and was initially executed as a test branding initiative. Following several months of successful upper-funnel branding on TikTok, Goodway and Mediaworks proposed a transition to a lower-funnel approach. This strategic shift aimed to capitalize on their main digital marketing objective: “Find a Location” site conversions to drive foot traffic into their stores.

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    To effectively connect with an engaged audience on TikTok, Goodway enhanced Honey Dew's targeting strategy by incorporating high-intent retargeting segments. Goodway also introduced TikTok’s proprietary segments and created a lookalike audience based on users who had undertaken high-value actions on the Honey Dew site within a 90-day timeframe. In the acquisition segment, Goodway continuously adjusted interest targeting to align with Honey Dew’s seasonal product offerings. Collaborating closely with Mediaworks, Goodway shared creative best practices with Honey Dew to ensure success on the platform to retain relevance with their audience. Honey Dew has proven to be an exceptional partner, consistently delivering compelling creative for effective campaign implementation.

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    With high-intent retargeting applied, agile prospecting segments in place and made-for-platform creative active on TikTok in Q3, Honey Dew’s campaign saw a significant increase in conversions quarter over quarter. By engaging in a branded performance strategy paired with resonating video creative, total video views remained consistent QoQ while conversions rose. This static metric indicates users saw the same amount of Honey Dew TikToks in Q3 but showed higher intent — and further, acted on their site. By building their brand presence with awareness tactics from late 2022, Goodway and Mediaworks helped Honey Dew increase profitability in some cases and their overall volume of conversions with a sharpened lower-funnel strategy.

  • After seeing such initial success with our upper-funnel TikTok campaigns, we were excited to try something new. The strategic lower-funnel approach that Goodway and Mediaworks proposed grew our conversions significantly, demonstrating how TikTok can be used in any funnel level and that the strategy Goodway and Mediaworks delivered was perfectly suited to reach younger audiences on this platform.

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    Jeanne QuinnMarketing Manager, Honey Dew

    Key Outcomes

    With all deltas comparing Q2 to Q3, Honey Dew achieved the following results:

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    increase in conversions QoQ

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    decrease in the cost per conversion from Q2 to Q3

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    lift in the conversation rate — from 1.54% to 2.97%

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